How to apply for any of our awards?

Step 1: The applicant should have worked and have comformd the six (6) DXCC’s (PA, P4, PJ2, PJ4, PJ5/PJ6 and PJ7 ), all logs made after 10-10-2010.


Step 2: Mail the following information to the award manager at

Application / Awards Claim Worksheet


- Type of award / certificate:
- Name:
- Call sign:
- E-mail address:
- The six (6) callsigns in order by DXCC
   including computer printout (real-card / LoTW / eQSL)

Step 3: After checking the cards/printouts, the certificate will be emailed to you as a printable PDF‐file.


Step 4: Print it and hang it on the wall of you're shack, place it on your facebook or website and show the world you earned it