Who is Who


  Chairman a.i. Derk van Dijken, PA0DVD
Email voorzitter@dkars.nl




Interim Chairman
Peter de Graaf, PJ4NX(en PA3CNX)
Email secretaris@dkars.nl
Peter has his own company in Bonaire, where he has moved to early 2007. He is a radio amateur since 1979 and within the radio hobby especially interested in (V) HF DXing and contesting. Peter from PJ4 often caused pile-ups, but calls also like DXpeditions to. And everything in both phone and in telegraphy.



Derk van Dijken, PA0DVD
Email                penningmeester@dkars.nl

Besides his other activities and hobbies, Derk is radio enthusiast from 1974, who has been interested in the VHF and HF bands as a PA0DVD and in the radio hobby.
He belongs to the few Dutch people who made the first speech connections in 2006 with one of the astronauts in the ISS (International Space Station). Derk has multiple certificates and occasionally participates in competitions on HF.



Willem Willemsen

Email  PA3KYH@dkars.nl

Zo ruim dertig jaar al in bezit van mijn roepletters. Vlak daarna begonnen met lesgeven…. vaak met uitstekende resultaten. Veelal op VHF/UHF en DMR te vinden. geen HF-mannetje. Vooral geïnteresseerd in de theorie en het begeleiden van aspirant amateurs.


Board member Jan van Muijlwijk, PA3FXB

Bureau Ondersteuning Antenneplaatsing Nederland

Email boan@dkars.nl
Fascinated by radio since high school. Radio hamradio since 1978.Voorliefde for VHF and above. Always dreamed of WSJT EME and thanks to that dream became a reality in 2006. Especially very active on 23 cm with a 3 m dish. But EME on 2m (single yagi), 70 cm (single yagi) and 13 cm (same 3 m dish) Since 2004 involved in the 25 m dish in Dwingeloo (PI9CAM) and there too especially EME gebied.Geluidspecialist a community and through that road some knowledge of local rules and processen.Dat is very useful when troubleshooting with antenna placement ...


Board member Peter Jelgersma, PA8A
Email pa8a@dkars.nl
Advisory Engineer for Telecommunications and security cover we Media. Licensed since 1962 Honor Roll # 1 Phone and Mixed (340/348) DXpeditions to all the Dutch islands in the Caribbean.


Public relations Peter Meijers, PA2PME
Email pr@dkars.nl
Radio amateur since 1976, C-mach ting PE0PME, 1980 A license with Morse code exam PA2PME. Now that the F permission. Active on VHF, UHF, D-star and HF bands, including digital modes. With some regularity in the USA, the call there AI4KM. Retired in broadcasting, among others, has been active as a radio and TV reporter and PR officer at a large computer company. After 38 years, the radio hobby for me is still a challenge and I am open to new initiatives such DKARS.


  ICT Wijnand Laros, PD5WL
Email pd5wl@dkars.nl
Wijnand, does something with computers. At a young age (Tnx PA3CNX / J) he was invected with the HAM virus, but it has taken him till 2013 to finally go for his licence. His passion is for QRP / QRSS and building simple but working antennas. He likes to go out with his set and explore the world around him and activate it. He also seems to be the scouting Jan Campert group Skipper All of which he also co-organized the JOTA.


  ICT Wim Fournier, PH7WIM
Email ict@dkars.nl
Wim has the call letters ph7wim since 2005. He is working as a DevOps (developer / operator) for comScore. His main interests are DIY and digital modes.


Awards Willem Winkel, WP3UX
Email wp3ux@dkars.nl
Since 2005 lives on the island of Puerto Rico, the radio hobby especially 6mtr band and the (new) 60mtr band. My interest further HF, the preference for the mode RTTY / PSK31, plus find the "good" side of the pile-ups from FP4 regularly. Furthermore, the collection of awards is something that got out of hand part of the radio hobby, this started in the 80s include the DIG (# 3843) DIG = Diplom Interessen Gruppe